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Foursquare Labs Inc., commonly known as Foursquare, is an American technology company. The company's location platform is the foundation of several business and consumer products, including the Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps.Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai founded the company in late 2008 and launched it in 2009.

A former employee said this ina review: "Toxic management at Foursquare, mass layoffs with no regard to people, saving face is more important to leaders than real results, no opportunity for career growth, dismal salaries compared to industry standard, no work life balance under new management, culture is gone".


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Tatiana says

"Website said available - then you get an email that they are closed and no products will be sent out until the Covid ban is lifted- but they have CHARGED the full amount including the exorbitant shipping fee of £30. And who knows when the ban will be lifted. When I email they say they are closed - despite this being an ONLINE provider - why can't they check their online orders from afar...."

Mark Day says

"Sales staff very abrupt and appear disinterested in customer needs. Paid £55 for delivery that took 9 days to arrive. Every time I phoned I was told call back tomorrow. Eventually someone checked order status to discover it hadn’t even been released by the manufacturer. No delivery updates or tracking. Pretty poor service really."

Jo Thomas says

"Price and speed of delivery excellent but it was only when some tiles had been laid, that there was a noticeable difference in colour shading. Checking the pallets showed that we had been sent tiles from two different colour batches. The company takes no responsibility for tiles already laid and said we could exchange remaining tiles for a matching batch but there would be a delay of 2/3 weeks as they were not in stock. Were we knowingly sent these to fulfill the order quickly? With the help of our excellent tiler, and reducing the area to be tiled, we reluctantly continued the remainder of the project. All communication with Katie was prompt and we were given some compensation but much disappointment and considerable stress was caused which should have been avoided. Everyday when I look at the tiles, I still notice the two different colour batches!!!"

Jill Battersby says

"Online product quoted as available, product subsequently turned out to be obsolete. Communication slow. Very disappointed"

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